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“… Pipaluk is shining with empathy. The session offered me peace and the clarity I needed to be able to move forward.”
- Clara R.

…It is particularly powerful when by answering Pipaluk’s questions during sessions, I admit some truth to myself which I didn’t pronounce before.

In working with Pipaluk, it feels safe to talk about topics which in any other case I would be ashamed to share.

During sessions I feel safe and calm, also excited – because I am really interested to see what will be the result – every time discovering something new 🙂

I would definitely recommend her to others! 🙂

To any person who is open to work on themselves 

- Anna N.

Pipaluk’s coaching has helped me tremendously. I walked away after the sessions feeling like I am worthy as I am, and like I don’t need to change anything about myself in order to be loved and to love myself. I also feel more in control. I feel like the ideal version of myself is more tangible. I sometimes imagine the “Queen” guiding the version of myself that needs help, when I am down.

…All of the exercises made my ideal self feel more tangible.

I am really grateful that Pipaluk helped me feel more comfortable with myself as I am, and that she gave me the tools to feel empowered and in control. 

During sessions I feel comfortable and like I can be fully vulnerable and not judged. 

I would definitely recommend Pipaluk’s coaching to others! I think this coaching is amazing especially for those who are dealing with insecurities or who want to better deal with their emotions and take control of their lives.

- Katia F.

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The Witch of the Universe Apprenticeship

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A yearlong apprenticeship to become a Witch of the Universe. Learn to weave magic with natural forces, energy and your body. Combine witchcraft with science and practicality to claim your powers and magic for your life. Alchemize your most intense emotions for powerful spells and rituals. Communicate with spirits, gods and allies from beyond the veil. This and more…

The Witch of the Universe is a deeply transformative and powerful one-on-one apprenticeship that requires a one year commitment from both the teacher and the student.

Spaces are very limited to ensure each apprentice gets the attention and dedication needed for this life altering course.