A Body Spell for Desire

This is a powerful body spell that will bring you closer to everything you desire. As with anything that gets you closer to what you desire, it does require you to put in full effort to get there. So, don’t hold back, allow your body to guide you and let loose.

We often desire things that we believe we cannot have. I am a firm proponent of infinite possibility, but it took me a while to get there. I thought I would never get to fly for real and I thought I would never be taken seriously if I do the things I love. But no belief of mine could change my deep desire for doing both.

Working with the body has been one of the key factors in getting me to where I am now. I learned how to actually fly (not my physical body – still working on that – but spirit flight feels like the real thing) and I am doing my work without worrying too much if anyone is taking me seriously. Whenever I feel like I cannot fly or start to wonder if I am not crazy for doing the things I do, this spell is one of the practices I turn to and it never fails to get myself back on track if I really go for it.

Before I get into the spell, I find it important to let you know that you must always take responsibility for yourself. Only move your body in ways that it can handle and adjust any of the instructions to meet your personal needs. If there is anything you don’t want to do the way I write here, or something you want to change, please do so with confidence and full trust in yourself.

This spell can potentially also have some side effects:

An increased sense of purpose

More energy

Deeper connection to your body and its innate super powers

Flexing creative muscles while flexing actual muscles

Trust in your body’s wisdom

A small but powerful workout

Many spells include props, words and timing. But a body spell requires nothing but your body, an open heart and a deep desire that rings true within you.

The spell itself is very simple, but the process can be quite involved if you want to ensure its success.

If you don’t already know, you must find out what you desire! This can be obvious to some and challenging to others. A desire can manifest as a word or a sentence, but it can also be a felt sense in the body, a pull in a direction. Desires can take the specific form of a new job or radical unconditional self-love. It can be the deep desire for a loving relationship with yourself or with another person. Desires can also be connected to family, such as wanting a better relationship with them. Or you can desire to go on a fancy holiday. You could even desire world peace and double rainbows in the sky. 

If nothing specific comes to mind, and I recommend this the most, feel into your body and feel into desire. Do you feel a deep desire inside? Where is it pulling you towards? Does it have a shape, a color, a sound? Is it a rumbling at the back of your throat or the quickened beating of your heart? Let that desire flow through your body and focus on it while casting the spell.

Whichever way you access the desire, it is important that to check in with yourself and make sure it feels like a true desire in your entire being. Focus on your desire as you scan you entire body and any energy fields around you that you feel are yours.

Connect with your body and listen deeply to its cues.

If you are unsure of its cues, you can do the following:

Move into or set up a space in which you can sit undisturbed for at least a couple of minutes. I love to sit on my bathroom floor and sometimes I bring a candle and some incense with me to set the mood. I also like bringing my laptop so I can listen to some music, which often helps get me into the flow of things when there is a lot going on in my mind.

When you are in your space begin breathing deeply in whichever way feels most comfortable to you. If you can, breathe deeply into your belly and fill up your entire lungs before exhaling.

As you breathe, sink into your body.

Hold your desire before you. Visualize it with as much intensity as you can. You might even reach out and hold your desire with your hands.

Ask out loud if this is the desire you want to do a spell for. Is this the desire you want to move towards, removing any obstacle in your way? Does it ring true?

Holding the desire and your intention to do a spell for it before you, begin to scan your entire body. Begin with your toes, moving up your legs and including your knees, your pelvic floor and all its wonders, your belly, your back, your chest, your heart, your shoulders, arms and hands. Continuing with your neck and head and then extending your awareness out into your energy fields. 

Go into as much detail as you can, checking with every part of yourself, always asking, “Does this feel true?” 

As you do the practice you want to listen to your instinct, the first notion you get from within in each part of your being. Is it a “yes”, everywhere? Is there any “no”? If there is a “no”, is it a deep intuitive “no” or a “no” from outside yourself? Can you adjust your desire in any way to make it a full “yes” or is it best left alone for now?

Question everything until you are sure of your desire and then stop questioning completely.

You are ready for your spell.

Begin by setting up your space, making sure you have room to move. You might also prefer privacy. If that is the case, make sure you will be undisturbed. This is also a wonderful spell to do out in nature.

You can light some incense, turn on some music and do anything else you wish to engage with your senses and enter your body with full awareness. Take a bite off a delicious fruit, stroke your arms or belly with love and pleasure, smell the scents. Become aware of the air on your skin and sink into yourself, breathing deeply, with power and intention.

Feel into your desire and begin to move your body, letting the desire shape your movement. Spread your arms wide, spin around, move fast or gently, make yourself tall or go low towards the ground. Engage your entire body, feeling the desire everywhere. 

When you are fully present with your desire, feel into any obstacles or blockages that are stopping you from moving fully towards it. Everything you feel is stopping you from attaining the desire. There is no need for words here, just feeling. 

Whenever you become aware of an obstacle or blockage, move it away with your body. You might make sounds as you push them away and watch them dissipate. You might throw it behind your shoulders, never to see them again. You can spin them into oblivion or dance with them until it transforms into a powerful aide.

Continue moving with intensity and intention, knowing that every movement brings you closer to your desire and removes any blockages and obstacles. Do this until you feel complete. 

When you are finished, you may fall to the ground, lie down or simply put your hands on the floor, allowing any excess energy to flow out of you. Let your breath return to normal, let your awareness return to your surroundings. 

You might affirm your spell with words, simple or long. I sometimes like to say something such as, “It is done.” Or I say nothing at all and just breathe a breath.

Notice how you feel right after the spell and in the next days and weeks. Notice what you do and what happens around you. If you like, post a comment and share your experience.

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