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I Help People Live a Life that Makes Sense.

Discover how to live in a world of wonder at!

Hi, I’m Pipaluk Universe. Pipaluk is my real name and I adopted Universe to remember where I am.

I grew up obsessed with books, creating worlds and systems while exploring existential questions. I guess that’s why I like teaching people how life can make sense.

The biggest problem I see in the world today is that of connection. We are taught to focus on success, business, family, relationship, what to buy next, where to travel next, what spiritual thing to practice next. We have forgotten that all our answers can be found by connecting to ourselves and the space we live in. Once we do that, everything we desire follows.

My mission is to collectively reconnect humanity. I aim to do this by teaching people how to teach themselves. At we help people free their minds and experience themselves as part of something greater. We do this in a practical way that acknowledges the importance of delicious food and the luxuries life has to offer.

So far we’ve helped hundreds make sense of life on their path to connected success and fulfillment. Only 7.7 billion people to go.