Hi, I’m Pipaluk

I grew up obsessed with books, creating worlds and systems, exploring existential questions and feeding my passion for spirituality and the mystical. But my life hasn’t always been enchanted, nor filled with purpose.

There were years in my life where I completely lost myself. I was on a downward spiral filled with purposelessness. I felt lost, out of place, and disconnected.

It was only when I found the right teachers who combined acceptance, intelligence, and logic with the spiritual, magical, and enchanted that I was able to pick myself up. Live my life with joy and purpose.

My mission is to help you change your perception. To live your life and achieve what you desire. To free your mind and experience being part of something greater.

I know what it is like to feel lost, down and stuck. With a decade of experience, I know how to help others get through this.

Do You Have Questions?

You can book a free discovery session with me. I will help you to find a suitable learning structure to make changes in your life.