Ask the Right Question!

Tips and tricks to getting the most out of your tarot reading.

All cards on the table receive their value based on the question asked.
For example, a client asks if he will ever find love. The cards answer that he will forever try but nothing will work out. Now what?
As a tarot reader, I never let it get that far. Let’s call the client Mr. Seeker. The scenario would play out like this:
Mr. Seeker, “Will I ever find love?”
Me, “What would asking that question get you?
Mr. Seeker, “I could finally have clarity if I should keep trying or just give up hope and focus on something else.”
Me, “Is it your deepest desire to find love? How would you feel once you have it?”
Mr. Seeker, “If I found love I would have someone to share my life with. I would not feel lonely anymore. I have everything else. Love is the only thing I miss. True love.”
Me, “How would you feel if we phrase the question like this: What do I need to do in order to find true love, the kind of person I can share my life with?”
Mr. Seeker, “That sounds good.”
I offer the cards and Mr. Seeker takes the ones that will give him the answer he needs.

So what happened here?
We changed the question from one that would have left Mr. Seeker dangling in the hands of the Fates into a question that gives Mr. Seeker useful tools to weave his own destiny.

At this point you might say, “But he might still not find love and fail miserably.” And you would be right to say this!

But let me offer you the following: If Mr. Seeker truly aligns himself with his deepest desire (this is why I guide all my clients through a meditation before every reading), then he will do anything to make it happen. With that kind of motivation and focus, chances are very high he will fulfill his desire.

The cards don’t even have to offer the right answer, they only have to offer what is necessary for Mr. Seeker to start taking the right action.

Sometimes the answer comes as motivational thoughts.
Sometimes it comes in a magical spell.
Sometimes it comes as practical and direct action we can take.
And sometimes we take the advice and other times we don’t. Facing ourselves is not an easy task and it might be so that we are not quite ready! In this case we can ask another question: “In what ways am I blocking myself from love and what can I do about it?”

The path is rarely easy. Especially when we seek love, we need to confront our deepest shadows and hidden desires. We need to discover our own value and sense of deserving. The list goes on.

And not everyone who desires something gets what they want. Why is that? We can ask the cards, of course!
What we do know, is that everything is possible. Stranger things have happened and continue to happen in this world. Finding love is just one of them.

So, what did we learn today?

That we can ask the cards, “Will I ever…..” and leave our future up to the Fates.

We can also claim our own power and agency in life and ask:
“What do I need to do in order to …”
“What action can I take to …”
“Why am I not … and what can I do to change that?”
All these questions will give you useful and practical answers to move forward in life.

Remember to make sure that the thing you want is what you truly desire! Check if it isn’t your conditioning displaying a big fat “YOU SHOULD” over your own true thoughts, hopes, wishes, desires and dreams.

Our conditioning often seeks to define what everything should be like, including love. So go deep, check yourself, and be open to unexpected answers. The results are at times confronting, and always helpful.


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