Everything is Changing. You, too.

How to step into Your Power.

Right now life is uncertain, challenging, different, and changing.

As everything around us changes, so do we.
Perhaps you wake up or go to bed at a different time than you used to.
Maybe your habits are slowly shifting and your perception of time is changing.
Perhaps you don’t really know what day of the week it is half of the time.

Or you are feeling the suffering of those who do not have the priviledge of living in a home they can feel safe in.
You feel anxious and the anxiety is not all yours.

You could be experiencing financial uncertainty. As the world changed you found yourself without a job, without clients, without prospects.
Whatever change your are facing, it reminds you of this:

This virus thing is real.

No point in finding the most eloquent words for an emotionally loaded topic. Shit is real. That’s for sure.

You’re probably feeling it if you’re reading this. I’m definitely feeling it.

Some days I wake up grateful that I have all this time to just be at home. This was something I really missed before the virus. Time that is my own. Time that is time at home. Time that is for tending the garden, cleaning the house, organizing, cooking, reading, and working, working, working.

Some days, like today, I wake up and feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. I don’t know what is happening and I feel that I don’t know what I am doing. All the certainty I had yesterday is gone.

So, what to turn to, when nothing is certain and it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders?

I will tell you the answer to that question: Turn to practice.

Now, more than ever, practicing your art, practicing your witchcraft, practicing your spirituality is important.

If you don’t do it when things are super challenging, when are you gonna do it? Only on sunshine days on a weekend?
Whatever the reason you have for being on a spiritual path, this message will hold true:

Spiritual work is for everyday!
It is a part of life.
It is for when shit hits the fan, and it’s for the most joyful days of your life.
I think of it like I think of grooming, or working out, or eating healthy. If you just do it once in a while (imagine not brushing your teeth for a week!) you’re not going to get the benefits nor the experience it has to offer you!
You simply will not, can not.

Now is the time to sit at your altar and call on ALL your helping spirits. Listen to them. Speak with them.

Now is the time to cast circles, invoking all directions and all elements and to sit in that circle feeling the life of the universe around you.
Now is the time to rattle and drum and bring offerings of song and honey and milk to the deities you want to connect with.
Now is the time to put in the work.

For what use is any spiritual endeavor if you do not show up to it when times are strange, weird, challenging, unusual, scary, lonely, disconcerting, different than what we are used to?

Whatever is happening in this world. Whatever change is happening around me and inside of me,
I want to come out of this clearer on what actually matters.
I want to learn how to adapt and feel empowered no matter what. I want to know myself even on the worst days,
and discover how I can care for myself. I want to feel connected even when I miss my family and am unsure of when I will see them again. I want to feel safe inside of myself even when the world outside is not safe.

This is what a powerful spiritual practice is for.

You can do this!

I know it’s not easy for everyone.
I know not everyone has more time as a result of this virus. I know some of you have less time and more stress.
But you can still do this: When you have a moment, take a breath and breathe into your center.
When you wake up, pause, and invite all your allies to come and support you.
When you feel lonely, remember you are of this earth and you are of the stars and everything around you is alive.



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