Grounding & Centering in 5 Minutes

For those who prefer a little over a lot or nothing at all.

It’s easy to establish that it is better to do something instead of nothing. Yet doing something, especially if it is a lot, can feel daunting and we end up doing nothing after all.

In a culture with a fast moving pace that seems to grab at our attention from every direction, anything over 5 minutes can feel like a lot.

I hear from many that they know it is time to start a regular meditation and/or spiritual practice.
Most of the many also seem very certain that doing this would greatly improve their lives.
My experience says this is true.

So, here is to something! A 5 minute grounding and centering meditation. For those who wish to start today but feel like anything more than 5 minutes is too much. This meditation is also for those who, like me, have some days that end up having unexpected things happening so there is no more time than just a little.


Credit goes where credit is due: Though this meditation is my own interpretation, so much of my inspiration comes from Gede Parma and the WildWood Tradition. For that I am grateful. Also thank you to my student who asked if there isn’t a short 5min version of the Grounding & Centering meditation.


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