Ritual – Confidence & Connection – Fri. Jan. 18th 2019


In this 90 minute ritual I will offer you a safe space with loving community in which we will work with confidence & connection, both within ourselves and without.

By the end of the ritual you will feel grounded & high, connected & confident and you will have learned something about yourself you did not know before, empowering you in the development of your life.

Every ritual is a story, the story of our own life, the story of how we relate to others. Also, I offer you story in practice in the guided meditations that are part of every ritual I do.

Story is one of the most powerful tools we have in our human existence to affect how we live, what we feel and with how much personal power, pleasure & purpose we move through our lives.

So even though the base of this work is in the magical, believing in it is not necessary. If you commit to the work, it can be immensely effective no matter how you view the world.

The ritual will be hosted in the elusive & exclusive Sanctuary of Pipaluk Universe on the Bloemgracht in Amsterdam. The space is dedicated to cards, magic, rituals & transformational coaching. It is best if you wear comfortable clothing that feels relaxing on your body.

Please leave your shoes at the door and bring the rest of you inside!

Since this is a ritual with a beginning and end, it is highly appreciated that you arrive 5 minutes early so as not to disturb the group.

If you have any questions, please send me a message here or an email to everything@pipalukuniverse.com

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Ritual – Friday, January 18th, 19:30-21:00, at the Bloemgracht in Amsterdam.