Relationships of Magic

Have you ever thought about how Magic can change all of your relationships?

It can and it does. Let me tell you why.

It is impossible to practice the Art of Excellent Magic without getting to know yourself. One of the ways in which you get to know yourself is by beginning to understand the conditioning and culture you are operating in.
You need to increase our awareness of this because without it, you cannot know what layers have formed around the core of what ‘self’ is. And without getting to the core of self, you cannot truly know yourself.

The thing is, once you get past these layers, you will discover an entirely different person lives inside of you, one that you didn’t think was possible. You will discover you are braver, stronger, more vulnerable, more beautiful, more powerful than you could ever have imagined.

Sounds too good to be true? I can explain.

You live in a culture of constant comparison. A culture which teaches you to feel shame for so many things that are in fact delightful and empowering.

Take for example magic itself. If you are practicing it and you are one of the few, you are surrounded by people who understand it, can relate to it, and even practice this art of living themselves.

If you are like most people, then those around you either think you’re on some floaty new age trip, or they think you are silly, or they think you are stupid, or they humor you in a belittling way, or they simply don’t know this part of your life because you don’t feel you could ever tell them.

A culture that puts more value on science than on anything else also makes it hard to feel validated and supported when you explain you had an epiphany from talking to a tree that absolutely changed your life to the better.
Rather than celebrating this kind of experience, you would probably be asked how you can know you are talking to a tree. What proof do you have?

This is funny because we have no more proof for our conversation with a tree than we do for falling alove.
Yet one is laughed at and the other is celebrated, and even idealized!

So what happens when you fully realize that magic is as real as love?

You will have to accept that the magical is real. Once you do that, layers upon layers of social conditioning wrapped around who you are will begin to drop away. Perhaps in an instant, or bit by bit.

Either way, the result is the same: If magic is as real as love, then what is possible?

If there is so much unrealized possibility, then perhaps it is true that you are indeed braver, stronger, more vulnerable, more beautiful, more powerful than you could ever have imagined.

With that knowledge, you will approach your life in an empowered way. Where once there was reaction, there now is action. Where once there were challenges, there are now opportunities.

What does that have to do with relationships?

Coming into a place of empowerment and infinite possibility means you are holding infinite possibility in your hands.

Join me for a moment and imagine the following:

You feel everything is possible and you have a full experience of this in all of your body. It’s not just an intellectual construct, it is a way of existing. Infinite possibility is an experiential fact for you.

How do you treat yourself? Is it still necessary to berate yourself? To put yourself down?
To feel ashamed of anything? To be frustrated about something not working out how you want it to?
Not really.
Let’s take it a step further. If you feel like anything is possible, how do you treat others? How do you experience the world around you? Are you kinder? More compassionate? Do you question whether or not you can talk to a tree?
Or shapeshift into a bird and fly into other worlds?

When you know yourself, you can embrace the world and the universe for what it is: Alive!


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