Here’s what people are saying…

“Pipaluk and her universe have a wonderful, mystical, safe, and fun feel and flow. The way that she directs awareness and attention guides us to safe spaces where we can realize our true self – or the self that wants to be expressed in the here and now. She is a wonderful mirror, showing you who you are rather than who anyone else – your ego included – would want you to be. She can see past the veil we so often place up between reality and the freak, wild human, or flourishing god or goddess we want to allow ourselves to be. 
She has a wide breath of knowledge about traditions ranging from tarot to witchcraft and tantra, and she mixes the intention of all of these practices with a down-to-earth perspective that can help anyone move forward at their own pace. The visualizations and meditations she chooses to work with keep us connected to the body while also allowing us to soar above our whole lives with new perspective, and descend into our darkness to plant the seeds of new beauty with a feeling of safety and security. 
If you want to play, use your imagination to invigorate your life, and access your deepest self I would recommend Pipaluk and her universe as a perfect nexus point to work from.”
- Allen Caldeira, Consciousness Researcher

“I booked the Alchemical Tarot Ritual of Transformation with Pipaluk.
We started with a meditation, which was wonderfully relaxing and helpful to focus on the needs of the consultation.
Each time after the cards were drawn, Pipaluk guided me through an exercise, which improved and redirected my point of view on the matter. The exercises are both stress releasing and really helped to see me through my doubts.
Pipaluk was a wonderful host, offering a very calm and warm space for me to navigate with confidence. It was really easy to communicate, and Pipaluk was shining with empathy. The session offered me peace and the clarity I needed to be able to move forward.”
- Clara, Olfactory Expert

I am currently doing the Alchemy of Life Coaching with Pipaluk.

As a result of the sessions, I have become peaceful about questions which for a long time I didn’t know how to handle. Specifically I react very different now in situations that were once very triggering for me.

Some of the most useful moments were when I discovered connections of my current emotions with events in the past, which I never discussed before and had never considered.

It is particularly powerful when by answering Pipaluk’s questions during sessions, I admit some truth to myself which I didn’t pronounce before.

In working with Pipaluk, it feels safe to talk about topics which in any other case I would be ashamed to share.

During sessions I feel safe and calm, also excited – because I am really interested to see what will be the result – every time discovering something new :).

I also like that I don’t need to prepare specific question. Pipaluk always guides me to uncover what matters most at the moment.

I would definitely recommend her to others! 🙂

To any person who is open to work on themselves 

- Anna, Data Analyst

Pipaluk’s coaching has helped me tremendously. I walked away after the sessions feeling like I am worthy as I am, and like I don’t need to change anything about myself in order to be loved and to love myself. I also feel more in control. I feel like the ideal version of myself is more tangible. I sometimes imagine the “Queen” guiding the version of myself that needs help, when I am down.

It was extremely powerful to visualize who I want to be, how I would be feeling if I were that version of myself, and where I could store this version safely in my body, so I could easily access her. All of the exercises made my ideal self feel more tangible.

I am really grateful that Pipaluk helped me feel more comfortable with myself as I am, and that she gave me the tools to feel empowered and in control. 

During sessions I feel comfortable and like I can be fully vulnerable and not judged. 

I would definitely recommend Pipaluk’s coaching to others! I think this coaching is amazing especially for those who are dealing with insecurities or who want to better deal with their emotions and take control of their lives.

- Katia, Partner Manager