Tarot Reading Session

Explore Any Area Of Your Life
Get Practical Answers

Why Tarot Reading?

In a society with an ever-increasing number of challenges and distractions, having excellent support is more needed than ever. I believe that there are questions that we don’t have answers to. With a combination of excellent feedback and thousands of hours of training and coaching I have taken, I believe I can help you with this journey.

What You Get

  • One hour one on one Tarot Reading Session with me
  • Guided experience to get the best out of the session
  • High-quality printed card photos from the session handwritten notes sent to you by post
  • Practices & meditations to integrate the messages from the reading into your life*


It’s  an hour tarot reading session with Pipaluk Universe. You will be able to explore any area of your life, get practical answers with action steps to implement it in your daily life. 

At The Session you will be able to: 

  • Explore any area of your life
  • Get clarity on what to do next
  • Get practical answers with action steps
  • Be part of spiritual & magical experience
  • Release & transform
Tarot readings are for anyone of any background. All are welcome at the table of cards.
Tarot readings can be done online on live video calls or in-person in Amsterdam, NL. Additional support and recordings will be communicated via e-mail. After each session, you will also receive an email with detailed notes from the session.

Purchase your reading by clicking on the “Book Now” button. You can either choose a free discovery session, a 30 minute session or an our session. 

Prices start from $85

Your first consultation takes place after the initial discovery call. If you are a recurring client you can contact Pipaluk Universe for availability in case you need additional sessions.
Inspired by the ongoing work of the Reclaiming Community surrounding inclusivity, accessibility and necessity, we recognize that there are groups of people who are directly affected by culture and society that impacts their lives and financial situation. Because of this, there is a pay-what-you-can solidarity scholarship available for students, single parents, LGBTQIA, people of colour, black people and activists. Generous payment from those in the course supports the scholarship. One additional scholarship is available for each apprentice that pays the maximum price. Please contact everything@pipalukuniverse.com to apply for the scholarship.