The Alchemical Tarot Ritual of Transformation

The Alchemical Tarot Ritual of Transformation is a combination of deep spiritual wisdom and everyday practicality.

It is a truly exceptional service that I have designed after decades of working with, studying, collecting and reading tarot and oracle cards. For more insight on my experience with tarot cards, please visit

The reading will offer you insight, answers and clarity.

    The 90min ritual includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    • A personalized guided meditation, which will ground, center and connect you with your own inner wisdom at the start of the session.
    • Reading the cards using several decks. The decks are chosen depending on your needs. I am the co-curator of the extensive Tarocks collection, which means I have access to many old and rare decks as well as exceptional artist decks that can be integrated into your reading.
    • A transmission of powerful practices and meditations I guide you through during the session and which you can continue to use at home.
    • Handwritten notes made during the ritual. Should you have booked it as a live online call, you will receive a scan of these per e-mail and you can request to them posted.

    Here’s what people are saying…

    “I booked the Alchemical Tarot Ritual of Transformation with Pipaluk.
    We started with a meditation, which was wonderfully relaxing and helpful to focus on the needs of the consultation.
    Each time after the cards were drawn, Pipaluk guided me through an exercise, which improved and redirected my point of view on the matter. The exercises are both stress releasing and really helped to see me through my doubts.
    Pipaluk was a wonderful host, offering a very calm and warm space for me to navigate with confidence. It was really easy to communicate, and Pipaluk was shining with empathy. The session offered me peace and the clarity I needed to be able to move forward.”
    - Clara, Olfactory Expert

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    one year apprenticeship

    Magic is something we are not taught to understand. It is a cause and effect relationship most of us cannot follow with our 5 known senses. Yet, there is always a method to magic and the witch is an interface able to work with these potent energies.

    A series of actions always generate a series of reactions. Understanding these cause and effect relationships, mapping them out and working with them in repeatable processes, consistently and reliably, is what this apprenticeship is all about.

    To work with magic as a witch, it is important to have a strong foundation and an understanding of the context within which you operate. Know yourself, know your allies and know how to communicate with the worlds beyond our 5 senses. Without the foundation and context, it is exceedingly difficult to fully understand the messages and how to work with them.

    The Witch of the Universe is a deeply transformative and powerful one-on-one apprenticeship that requires a one year commitment from both the teacher and the student.

    Spaces are very limited to ensure each apprentice gets the attention and dedication needed for this life altering course.