The Logic of Magic

Why making magic makes sense.

Magic has widely been used to describe all that we do not yet understand as well as cause and effect relationships we can’t register with our five senses.

What most are not aware of is that there is a method behind magic. A series of actions that generate a series of reactions, which can be repeated over and over again.

The great challenge for a mind like mine is to understand these cause and effect relationships.

Due to my own cultural conditioning it is not enough for me to simply accept magic as real. Having grown up in one of the few cultures of the world that for many generations has viewed magic, altered states of consciousness, shamanistic experiences, trance and states of ecstacy as pathological or even dangerous, it is difficult for my mind and intellect to reconcile magic with my life.

Yet, what I have found again and again, is that magic is very real.

The next logical question to ask at this point would be: How is magic real?

Well, how is any experience real? 

When I have hiked up a mountain and I stood at the top looking at the view and my body and mind felt completely aligned and I felt clear about my life, where I come from and where I am going, was that real?

One big part of magic, the way I define it for myself, is to bring about that same feeling I felt on the mountain consciously and with intention. Preferably every day.

There are many practices I use to do this, from morning meditations to rituals and ceremonies and much more (this, for another post).

So, what has magic done for me? What has happened to me since I have accepted that the quest for magic in my life is a vital one, and have started journeying down this path?

Here are just a few examples:

  • I went from couch potato to being very active, working out most days of the week and feeling full of energy.
  • I went from feeling like there was no purpose and no point to do anything to feeling full purpose and that everything I do has meaning.
  • I went from not knowing what to do with myself or my life to feeling clear on how I can benefit the world I live in the most and how to sustain myself doing it.
  • I went from having few to no friends I could connect with to living in a thriving community with many friends.
  • And I found love. Love with my family. Love with my partner. Love with my friends, my community, my kin. Love with my dogs. Love with all.

If magic can be a major part to affecting all these changes, then it is perfectly logical to me to engage with it, to seek it out, to figure out how it works, what it does, where it comes from, and whatever else I can think of learning and discovering about it.

Magic adds flavor to life. It gives an embodied experience of meaning. Life itself moves from being in the head to being a full-bodied experience.

At least that’s what it does for me and it is what it can do for the many who desire magic but don’t know how to access it, nor how to reconcile it with their intellect.

What changed everything for me, was when I started a one-on-one student/teacher relationship with the incredible Gede Parma (Fio). I deeply recommend all their work, written and otherwise. 

It was by working one-on-one with another human that everything began to make sense. I didn’t have to believe anything, only experience. And rather than moving further away from reality and society, as I feared I might, I became more present in reality and society. More grounded in my life.

It was challenging, but I made it to the other side.

To support other in their journey into life and magic I created the Witch of the Universe Apprenticeship. It is my own take on what changed my entire relationship to magic. It is a grounded, practical and accessible approach for those who desire deeply but do not know how.

For me it is still an ongoing journey and I still connect with Fio (Gede Parma) and other teachers, to learn, discover and deepen. To remember why magic is important and vital.

There is no need to believe anything because magic is an experience.


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