The Risks of Magic

Magic & Witchcraft does come with its risks, but they are very different from what you might expect!

I would say the greatest perceived risk that is always happening anyways, is that of change. When we consciously bring change into our lives, we make ourselves responsible of the result, for better and for worse.

Some risks we take are culturally very acceptable and therefore many take them.

Like moving to a new country.
Quitting a job to find a vocation that fulfills you more.
Having a child.
Moving out of the family home.

Our lives are full of choices we make. Even not making a choice is a choice.
It is not a religion that makes promises.
It is not a belief.
It is an art form and a philosophy without hierarchy. It is tools and techniques. It is poetry and story-telling. It is opening up to the terrifying beauty of life. It is weaving with the web of existence. It is painting in the night sky with the stars. It is whispering secrets to trees. It is knowing that bubbles up from within.

Just like art inspires and changes us in ways we often cannot fully scope, magic and witchcraft do the same.

How often do we read or hear of someone reading something, seeing something, hearing something and their lives were forever changed as a result of what this inspired within them?

A great piece of music, a painting, a brilliant book. Whenever we open ourselves up fully to perceive what is around us we risk being inspired!

Magic is the act of doing this consciously, over and over again.

Magic will also change your perception of life.

This means who you are now will no longer exist.
That can be a pretty scary thought.

But here’s the thing:
Life is always changing and so are we. In some ways we stay the same at our core, yet at the same time we no longer are who we were as a child, a teenager, an adult.

One way to look at magic, is that it is a way of engaging with this perpetually evolving life in a conscious and active way, even co-creating it, if this is your desire.

Magic is a way of stepping into your own sovereignty, your responsibilities while connecting with the largely unknown and ever evolving universe, including this planet we call home.

It does this by speaking to all our being, involving all our senses, all levels of our brain and even the parts of us that have yet to be named.

Magic is an art form that engages and transforms us in all our parts.


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