Transmission Lineage

So many precious things cannot be transmitted except from person to person.

Nothing is really exists unless it is somehow online. Even teachers, wise ones, elders… in order to receive wide validation as true leaders, they need an online presence. At least that’s the feeling I get.

If you already know me, you know that I always have teachers. Some of these teachers can be identified online as teachers. They have published work, social media, a website.

Yet, there are other teachers who I have only come into contact with through slowly building relationships based on love and a true desire to be close to this person. It wouldn’t work otherwise.

I teach publicly. I publish on this blog. I have online content in the form of a membership. I chose to do this when I realized that pretty much everything I have learned from other people that is of applicable value, I have learned from direct transmission from another human. Not a book. Not from anywhere online. Real human contact.

All our modern ways of recording and sharing knowledge are wonderful. Yet nothing replaces direct interaction within a relationship built on love and trust.

I notice this when I teach. The virus has moved everything online temporarily, and I have honestly love it so far. No wait times as people take shoes on and off, no lingering conversations, no commute meant I suddenly had all this extra time that I could devote to my own practice, to discovering an excellent wine selection, to nourishing a sourdough culture, and tending my garden.

It is definitely possible to love the students and clients I meet online through virtual space. Just as I often feel the love coming through my screen. And yet… In the transmission there is something that only happens with direct in person contact.

We cannot really see how a person moves through a screen. 
We cannot smell them.
Our bodies cannot sense a person the same way as when they are physically nearby.

We cannot truly get a full scope of how a person is embodying what they are teaching or learning.

I also want to clarify. Just because someone is named the teacher in a situation, and another is named student, it doesn’t mean they are fulfilling only the role of teaching or learning.

Teaching is reciprocal.
Learning is reciprocal.
Healing is reciprocal.

I do view teaching as a form of healing and healing as a form of teaching and teaching as a form of learning and learning as a form of teaching.

To be most effective, it has to go both ways.

My most effective teachers always made me feel as much teacher as student. It was these teachers who also taught me that all teaching and learning (which is a form of healing) has to take place in an environment of love and trust.

It is in this environment that transmission becomes lineage. From my teachers, my teachers teachers, my teachers teachers teachers, through me, to you.

That is all I have to say.


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