What do you wish for?

Recently I’ve been watching sci-fi series and films where everyone or most people die.

My obsession with pondering and confronting death began as a teenager when I watched Jim Jarmush’s film “Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai” starring Forest Withaker and featuring a soundtrack by RZA. Spoiler alert: The main character dies in the end. If you watch carefully, you can know this is the ending by paying attention to the beginning. Quotes from the Hagakure narrate scenes in the beginning and the theme is imagining one’s own death.

Most recently I watched “Aniara”, the Swedish sci-fi film based on a poem by Harry Martinson, a Nobel laureate. Everyone dies.

The first season of “Into the Night” is about almost all humans dying, yet we never see much of the event itself. Just like most good science fiction, the main current of the story is one that explores human psychology.

“Game of Thrones” author George R. R. Martin produced the series “Nightwalker.” Again, there is much death and in fact the first scene of the first episodes shows how it will all end and so I as the audience know from the beginning where the story of the series is headed.

In my spiritual practice facing death has often been present. When I’ve visited the Fates or the great Weaver I find peace in knowing the inevitable. I find calm in knowing that it is woven into the strands that make up the web of reality.

A teacher once told me, when I was going through a challenging time, “You’re already dead. What are you going to do?”

The Fates at times will laugh at the questions I ask. Of course I at times come with the everyday. Something about money, business or love. Yet it is not for them to tell, though they might throw their visitors down a well, deep beneath the World Tree.

There is something about witchcraft…. This strange art that is audacious enough to co-create and co-weave the strands of existence. Perhaps this is what makes these humans at times feel like a threat, because they dare something and know how to do it.

Drum yourself to the place that is all places and no places. There you can see with the eyes that are no eyes. There you will find the web that is all of existence. Reach out your hands that are no hands and touch the silver strands of creation. Journey with the mind that is no mind along the threads, changing directions when you find a knot, or in places where more than one thread meet.

The truth reveals itself as art, as poetry, as riddles and whispers on the wind.

The magic of change is woven in the places where the Fates feel no infringement on their greater work. I have this question: When we accept Fate, is it then that we are free? If I am already dead, may I not dare to face the abyss within, where true desire hides, and act upon it in this lifetime?

Beneath all the shadows and all the light of every human is a star in an infinite cave of stars. Here you can fulfill all your wishes.


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